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I have been in the automotive, off road and outdoor industry since I was old enough to hold the flashlight while my dad worked out in the garage. Our products are designed to fix problems that exist in the automotive, and outdoor industry. 100% Manufactured in the USA.

The story of how Dirt Church Industries came about. In the summer of 2021 my college buddy and I were riding our Husky 501 and KTM 500 dirt bikes on the Idaho Back Country Discovery Route. This route consisted of traveling the great state of Idaho using forgotten dirt roads, logging roads and avoiding as much asphalt as possible. Part of the lour of this trip is being self sufficient, carrying all the food and camping gear on our bikes as we progressed north bound. Along our journey we headed into the Missoula Montana for fuel and had lunch, while sipping down great beer made by Dirt Church Brewing. That name stuck with me as the trip we were having was indeed my Dirt Church. Here's to adventure, seeking out the unknown & understanding that the journey is the destination.

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