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2017-2022 Ford Super Duty, ARB Compressor & Bottle Jack Relocation Mounts

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2017-2022 Ford Super Duty, ARB Compressor & Bottle Jack Relocation Mountsnts

Have you been looking to add compressed air to your Super Duty truck?  The current options out on the market are very limited.  You either run an inferior compressor hard mounted under the frame rails of the vehicle being exposed to harsh environments or use a portable mount that is bulky and cumbersome to use.

If you own one of these trucks you know there is no place to mount the twin ARB compressor under the hood, Ford likes to use every square inch of space available.

By relocating the factory bottle jack behind the rear seat it cleared up enough room to mount the compressor and provided a secure mounting location for the compressor.  In addition it allowed for additional storage of airlines and other commonly used air tools.

This kit includes the 4 laser cut and powder coated steel brackets, and related fasteners only.  Ideally suited for the individual who wants to create their own wiring harness and source the parts on their end.

Items included in the kits are outlined in red as show below.

Made in the USA.

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